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Inverted L DX antenna for the low bands 60/80/160

Height 10 meters Wire 10m
5kw power
Elements diameter from 50 to 20 millimeters
Hardware full stainless steel
Coil of aluminum tube for a perfect mechanical seal.
Switch cw / rtty / SSB

Euro 770,00

calibration near the ground

The Super vertical antennas differ from similar ones on the market in several features.
All hardware is stainless steel including hose clamps that secure the coil.
The telescopic tubes are fastened with stainless steel flanges
The capacitors used in the LC circuits are large in size with considerable power handling up to 5kw
The coil are made, unlike the similar antennas on the market, with aluminum tube and not with aluminum wire.
This feature allows to have a perfect mechanical seal of the LC circuit, an easy antenna calibration, a remarkable
mechanical resistance to external stress, weakest point of the coil made of aluminum wire.
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